Daniel K. 


I love playing and watching hockey games even when I was still a kid. The Danbury Arena really gave me an opportunity to watch the games for real and not just on TV. Now that I turned into an adult, I can even watch by myself or with my friends and it’s really a great time to relax and enjoy the games. 


David L. 


I’ve been interested to play hockey when I went to college but I missed almost all the opportunity to join the team in our school and be an athlete as well. Good thing is, Danbury welcomes any player who wants to join their team. I was more than happy to try to sign up because I love Danbury’s team. Ever since, I have been looking forward to play with you in the future. 


Eunice M. 


I visited the arena once because I only go to Danbury every once in a while. Since my friends asked me to join them watch the hockey game, I did even though I’m not really interested in hockey. But the arena was really great and I had fun watching a game for the first time. I will probably come back again soon. 


Megan T. 


The Ice Skaters of Danbury always make me speechless especially when I was still a kid. They are all so good and talented which made me want to learn how to skate on ice as well. Because of them, I was inspired to skate and I was glad I tried even when I know nothing about it. I just really loved watching people skate whether on the ice or not and was eventually motivated to do it too. Now, I’m ready and willing to join them so I could also improve and be one of their skaters. I hope I can be one of them soon!