I want to watch the new hockey game but I don’t know where to buy tickets or how to do it because I’m used to buying personally from ticket stores. Can you tell me how? 


Thank you for the interest in watching hockey events and games. You can buy the tickets on the ‘ticket’ section where you can also see the schedules, event, teams and players. Check out the seating arrangements as the price may vary and click ‘purchase’ if you are finally decided. Make sure to pick your seat well so you could watch comfortably. 


How can I join the Ice Skating team if I want to? Can I join even if I’m not that good and just really want to improve and learn more? 


You may join the Ice Skaters even if you have little experience in ice-skating, we will train you and guide you so you will really learn more here. Don’t be afraid to join if you aren’t that good because we’re sure that if you join, you’ll improve in no time. We appreciate your interest of joining, you can send us an email that is given in the contact section of our website or you can also visit the arena personally for more information and details. 


I want to ask if I can switch the number of my seat to another one with the same price and same row? I chose the different seat number by accident so I wonder if I can do something about that. 


We apologize, but your seat number cannot be changed after buying your ticket. Unless it’s reservation or you haven’t paid for it yet, we can do something about it. Next time, please choose the seats wisely and double check it to avoid mistakes and wrong choices.