About Us 

The Danbury Whalers was built years ago and started as a small arena of a small town. People used to come here and watch some people playing hockey or skating on the small arena. We built this place only for the people of the town to use it for their own entertainment. It was free, and anyone is welcome to come and play, especially kids who loved to play in the ice. But as time passed by, we knew that we have to do something bigger for the arena. It was something we can use to showcase a lot of people’s talents and skills in games and sports. That was when we decided to make the Danbury Arena bigger and wider. 


We started accepting players and people to join our team until we created a group of athletes who are eager to play hockey anytime. When the renovations on the arena was finished, we let them play so they could train themselves more until the games started. We also welcomed any ice skaters who are interested in joining the Danbury team. They trained themselves with the help of coaches and other professional athletes that only made them better in their own field. 


After a few years, we were able to finally start competitions and matches for our athletes. We held events that encouraged people to watch and enjoy the shows in the Danbury Arena. It’s actually a good thing and a great decision to start this from the beginning. Now, we don’t just give happiness to the athletes who enjoy their time doing what they love, but we also managed to inspire and make other people entertained because of the events and games. We hope that this continues to grow and more people would take interest in joining or watching sports.